Giants (divovi) were beings of a great strength. They were children of Zemlja and their duke was Vjekoslav.

There was a war between gods and giants, and gods were victorious.

This is a list of giants, but it is not complete, simply because different texts mention numerous nameless giants.

VJEKOSLAV Son of Zemlja, duke of giants.

VELJKO Son of Zemlja.

DANKO Son of Vjekoslav.

VLADISLAV Son of Vjekoslav.

CRNKO Son of Vjekoslav. He was the only giant who did not fight against gods and was spared.

VLADKO Son of Vjekoslav.

ZEMNI Son of Vjekoslav.

VIŠESLAV Son of Vjekoslav.

ZVJEZDAN Son of Crnko.

NEBESNIK Son of Crnko.

Srećko Kovačić

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