Vilas (víle) were mortal beings of a great beauty and were similar to human women. They were children of Zemlja.

Vilas can be compared to the nymphs of Greek mythology.

It is quite accurate to say that vilas are personifications of natural beauty and female sexuality. Many of them were said to became spouses of human men, whilst one vila even become a goddess.

This is a list of vilas, but it is not complete, simply because different texts mention numerous nameless vilas.

BOŽENA She was a wife of the god Perun.

DANICA ("of the day") She was a concubine of Duke Zoran of Brezovica. However, wife of Zoran, Duchess Ljepooka, poisoned Danica with the help of a priest.

POTOČNICA ("forget-me-not") She was a concubine of Duke Domagoj of Brezovica and mother of a son named Plavko.

SLAVICA ("little glory") She was a wife of Duke Dušan of Brezovica and mother of Duke Bjeloslav.

SLATKA ("sweet one") She was a concubine of Duke Borna of Brezovica whilst he was still a prince. She is even mentioned in the erotic text Ljubavi bogova i drugih.

DIVKA ("giant one") She was a daughter of the giant Crnko and granddaughter of Vjekoslav Velebit.

PLAVKA ("blue one") She was a wife of Duke Zlatko of Veliki Otok.

BLAŽENA She was a vila who was an attendant of the god Vinko alongside her human lover.

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