Vjekoslav (vijek = „period of time“ + slava = „glory“) was a giant, a son of Zemlja the Earth.



Vjekoslav did not have a father – he was born through parthenogenesis, just like his brothers giants and he was their duke because he was the strongest among them.

He created several sons from his semen, who were named Danko („of the day“), Vladislav („rule“ + „glory“), Crnko, Vladko („ruler“), Zemni („of the Earth“) and Višeslav („more“ + „glory“). Vjekoslav was called Velebit („the great one“) by the gods.

According to Nenad of Dubje, Zemlja bore the giants after she saw that there is plenty of gods. She bore them alongside vilas.

The second strongest giant was Vjekoslav’s brother Veljko.

Giants are mentioned in erotic Ljubavi bogova i drugih by Zlatko of Dubje (nephew of Nenad): "He (Vjekoslav)... took his dick and ejaculated... From the semen were created (his sons)... When the giants saw what their brother did, they did the same and thus they created more giants."


For some time, all beings lived in peace, but Noć (Night) plotted against other gods and sent her granddaughters Zavist and Ljubomora to the giants and they then declared war against gods.

In Veliki rat by Miljenko of Baba, giants are described as "very strong, but also quite stupid". They believed that they can defeat gods because of their size, and only Crnko did not want to go to war.

Gods Svetovid, Morovid, Volos, Repati, Vinko and Perun attacked giants, who were killed and transformed into mountains.

Only Crnko survived, who sired Vjekoslav’s grandchildren – sons Zvjezdan and Nebesnik (giants) and daughter, vila Divka.

Srećko Kovačić

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